It has been over a hundred years since the Dragon last attacked.

Across the land you can still find scars from its fiery reign of terror. Back then, many thought the world would end. Hope arrived as a great wizard took a stand.


The Wizard had traveled the world collecting sacred relics before combating the Dragon for seven days and seven nights. For each dragon scale the Wizard shattered, the Dragon tore a sacred relic from the Wizard. As a final struggle to defeat the dragon, the Wizard cast a mighty spell, imprisoning the Dragon in a deep sleep. A dense magical darkness filled the air, concealing the sleeping Dragon and its lair in obscurity. Soon after, the Wizard disappeared, fading into mystery and legend.

A hundred years have passed and the legendary Wizard has resurfaced with a warning: the Dragon would soon awaken and once again reap terror and destruction. The greatest heroes from across the land were challenged to slay the Dragon. The Wizard prepared for the heroes an enchanted Runestone which could pierce the magical darkness of the Dragon's lair. With it, they could find the sacred relics and slay the Dragon once and for all.

As the heroes gathered to accept their quest, their numbers were greater than expected; they had been infiltrated by members of the secretive Dragon Cult, a group of shadowy figures devoted to worshipping the Dragon and waking it from its slumber. The hour of the Dragon's awakening is quickly approaching and there is only so much time for the heroes to find the relics.

Will the heroes be able to root out the cultists and find the relics before the Dragon awakes? Or will the hidden cultists sow enough distrust to thwart the heroes and wake the Dragon?


Dragonwake is the first game to be published by Oh No Games, a new game publisher created by three best friends who love playing games, eating good food, and just hanging out. Our dream is to share Dragonwake with the world and find enough success to continue publishing games. We're pretty friendly and easygoing. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@dontwakethedragon.com.

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